Helping Your Tech Startup With Attention Grabbing Explainer Videos.

Videos are the easiest way to communicate your startups advantages, benefits & USP.
A sixty second explainer video can simply explain your startup to your customers
Explainer video playing in a computer

Explainer Videos are the easiest form of Communication.

An explainer video can help your customers understand exactly what your startup does, how it can help them & how to engage with your startup. It can also help you convince your customer to buy from you – All in under sixty seconds.

So whether you already have a few customers, or are just testing the market. An explainer video can put you miles ahead of your competitors but simply explaining all the advantages you provide to your customers.

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Our Process

Step 1:

Discovery & Information Gathering

Time: 1 Week

First step is to understand the product or service you provide, we come in as a blank slate to enable your leadership team to explain their perspective at length. We meet with each stakeholder separately to understand their view of the startup. We usually prefer to meet in person to catch the subtleties but if it is not feasible, we also do teleconferencing. Objective at this stage is to get a clear understanding of each of the stakeholder’s perspective of the business & its customers. In this meeting, we will try to define the business goals & clearly map out the target audience.



team gathering information to create a video
creatives working on concept for video
Step 2:

Concept Creation

Time: 1 Week

Once our team understands your startup and it’s intricacies, our creative team starts designing concepts for your explainer video. Employing an unique understanding of your startup, target audience and your brand voice. We come up with a multitude of concepts, which goes through the rigorous process of scrutiny by our creative directors to ensure each concept is iron clad & geared towards your unique brand. We finalize three polished concepts and present to you to choose from.



Step 3:

Scripting & Voice Over

Time: 2 Weeks

Concept is the foundation on which your script is created. We write a clearly composed script which is succinct and moves your audience to take action. It is important that your startup’s personality is reflected in the tone of voice & the delivery of the script. Putting together all the features and benefits your startup provides, walking your audience step by step through each of the important aspects of your startup to entice them to take action and buy from you.

creative working on scripting and voice over
creative working on storyboarding and asset designing
Step 4:

Storyboarding & Asset Designing

Time: 2 Weeks

A storyboard, as the name suggests is a set of boards that depict your video’s story in its most raw form. It contains visual elements in its rough form showing movements, transitions, elements and effects. It basically is a drawing of the key points and a representation of the visual chemistry we will create for your explainer video. Upon creation of a storyboard our graphic designers get to work in creating each of the tiniest elements of your explainer video. A polished form of the rough drawings created from storyboard is refined to ensure maximum aesthetic harmony in your explainer video.


Step 5:


Time: 3 Weeks

This is where all of our work crescendo. This is where everything we’ve created comes to life, The Animation. Our animators breathe life into each of the assets, transforming them, giving them motion and animating all the elements in a graceful symphony. We spend the maximum time at this stage ensuring each of your frames is a painting in themselves leading to a bigger, larger picture of your startup.

animation video playing
team developing background music
Step 6:

Sound Designing

Time: 1 Week

  We figure out the right sound for your startup and create a listening environment for your audience in accordance with your brand. Sound enables us to peer deep into the story. Sound designing is a crucial part of the process. Visuals & sound are better halves of each other, anyone of them by themselves would be incomplete, but together they would make a great explainer video.



Step 7:

Editing & Packaging

Time: 1 Week

This is where we give final touches to your explainer video, ensuring every part of the video – Visuals, Voice over, Music, Design, Transitions, Elements & Colors – are working in harmony to achieve the single most important goal for you. Get your customer to take action.


We put together all of the source files with the processed output in various formats & sizes, in a zip folder and share it with you.



developer working on editing and packaging

Tools We Use

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Animate
Adobe Character
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop

Team of Expert Animators & Storytellers 

Our team of highly creative animators & storytellers expertise in creating the right explainer video for your startup the first time around. Your explainer video helps you capture your audience, onboard early adopters & pitch to your investors all at the same time.

Why do you need a team of experts?

An amateur costs a lot more than an expert. Most startups like yourself understand this and prefer paying a premium for somebody who will do things right the first time.

Non Disclosure Agreement:

Download our non-disclosure agreement. It is a legal document that enforces secrecy of discussion. We sign an NDA to discuss your ideas so you can speak with us freely about your plans without any worry.


    1. How much time does it take to make an animated explainer video?

    On an average it takes about 4-8 weeks.

    2. Does the explainer video include Logo Animation?


    3. What If I don’t like the explainer video you create

    We want to make sure you are happy with your explainer video. Thus, we allow for 2 free rounds of revision at each stage of the process. 

    4. Will you provide source files for the Explainer video?


    5. Where can I use my videos?

    Anywhere you, please.

    6. Do I own the Broadcast rights for the video & audio?

    Yes, all rights are transferred to you with the final delivery, at which point you will completely own the video & audio.

    7. Which languages do you provide the Explainer video in?

    Explainer videos are usually created in English, but if you require your explainer video translated to another language, we will be able to accommodate that for a small fee.

    What will be the length of the explainer video?

    Usually explainer videos range between 60-90 seconds. Our pricing below is per 60 second of the video.

    9. How do I pay you?

    We currently only accept payment via wire transfer.

    10. What are your payment terms?

    50% advance, 25% upon completion of half of the milestones, 25% upon final delivery.

    12. Do you give discount pricing for bulk work?


    11. Do you do rush work?

    Yes, for a nominal charge.

    Option 1
    Billed Yearly
    Business Branding
    Custom Illustrations
    Professional Voice Over
    Animated Characters
    Time Length: Upto 60 Seconds
    Delivery: 3-4 Weeks
    Get Started
    Option 2
    $499 $0000
    Billed Yearly
    Business Branding
    Custom Illustrations
    Professional Voice Over
    Animated Characters
    Time Length: Upto 60 Seconds
    Delivery: 5-6 Weeks
    Get Started
    Option 3
    Billed Yearly
    Business Branding
    Custom Illustrations
    Professional Voice Over
    Animated Characters
    Time Length: Upto 60 Seconds
    Delivery: 7-8 Weeks
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    What our customers are saying about us?

    It has been a delightful experience working with them. They are incredible at strategizing projects and delivering them on time. They were very involved right from the ideation, all the way to execution of the project making them highly reliable.

    Quinston Pimenta

    Partner- Formidable Ventures

    We've worked with Komet Media for about a year now and we've given them assignments across the spectrum of their services and I must say they've always done a top-notch job. Once I give them the work, I don't have to work about it anymore.

    Aditya Joshi

    CEO - CambrianX

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